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while Kelsey is blogsitting for the now, she has decided to use this extra blog as a way to play around with the theme on Bisy's blog Have a lovely day!

albus-tumblerdoor said:



I think this is why she chose me, anyways.

Title: Curl Up & Die
Artist: Relient K
Played: 210 times


Curl Up & Die - Relient K

I actually really love this song - Kelsey

Hey all! This is the only post I’ll delete when I’m done here and give this back to Isy…


I’m doing a promo game thing for the few days that I exist here in this space (it’s a very easy promo game it’s probably not even a game)

Here’s the link about the whole thing of it with all the details and all

Long story short, if someone asks a question while I’m here, I will give that person a promo on my blog.

The point of this is not necessarily to do promotions. The only purpose here is to have fun, spice things up a bit, get us all entertained and ….

The point is to talk to you guys out there that I would never interact with otherwise, because I am so amazed that there are so many of us—so many!—in the world who have these same thoughts, feelings, skin, dreams, etc. We also have many things different about all of us, but I think no matter what we have in common versus in difference, we are all people and the magnitude of you all out there, added with the fact that I am part of “you all out there” to so many other people, amazes me.

I know a lot of us are in exams right now, so this can be another small chance to do something maybe mindless and fun and get something out of it :P.

This isn’t to say you can no longer ask for private advice. You’ll just have to let me know that you want it to be private unless it’s anon so no one will know who you are. If it’s something that you want to be posted asap or if it has to do with finals, I will not wait for Isabel to get this back. Otherwise, I will be leaving all the questions/comments/ventings in the inbox for Isabel to add her reaction/answers to when she gets back. I guess I’ll have to actually save them to drafts, but that’s beside the point.

I will post the promos after this week on MY blog. I love love love doing screenies, so you can look forward to that :P but I’m willing to do anything else.